October Promotions

🍁🍂🍁Welcome to Autumn! 🍁🍂🍁
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October Promotions are here and we are SO incredibly excited!!!! 

Guess what, y’all? There’s a 400 PV BONUS Tier promo, a supplement, and EIGHT amazing oils for fall all for free with qualifying orders! Young Living has completely outdone themselves with these October Promos!!!
Want to learn more? Read on!
➕Oregano Vitality 5 ml (100PV ER Exclusive): This oil is an absolute powerhouse for your wellness cabinet!!! It supports the immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, and more. You can also add this vitality oil to your sauces or salads - but it’s super strong so a little goes a long way.
➕Cinnamon Bark 5ml (190PV ER Exclusive): Give me all the yummy fall diffuser blends with this oil!!! You’ll never use scented candles again when you have your diffuser and some oils. Bonus- This one purifies the air rather than poisoning it. Also a Vitality oil, it supports the circulatory system, cardiovascular system, and digestive system. Smells like a cookie and good for your digestion? I’m all in!
➕AromaEase 5ml (190PV): This blend has a minty and calming aroma. We like to apply topically over the tummy before long car rides or air travel. This blend has lots of great oils for the digestive system such as Peppermint and Ginger. This is one we love to travel with and have on hand for the holidays with the extra eating we usually do!
➕Thyme 15 ml (250PV): Thyme is a key ingredient in Ortho Ease massage oil (which is amazing!) and is great for use after exercise. It is also believed to bring a sense of purpose when used aromatically. Thyme also comes in a Vitality version, which supports the cardiovascular system, and is great oil for brain health.
➕Palo Santo 5ml (300PV): This little bottle of goodness does so many things! It comes from the same botanical family as Frankincense, so all the reasons why you love Frank? You will love Palo Santo for that as well. It’s a spiritual and grounding oil known for cleansing the air of the negative energies and for good luck. Palo Santo means “sacred wood” and it’s a beautiful oil to use for creating a more spiritual and sacred environment. 
➕MultiGreens 120 count (300PV): We already order this monthly, so I am elated to receive this one for FREE! MultiGreens is a chlorophyll formula supplement that was created to boost vitality by working with glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems. MultiGreens is made with spirulina, alfalfa sprouts, barley grass, bee pollen, eleuthero, Pacific Kelp, and our essential oils. We will share more about this supplement this week!
➕Our Seed to Seal Story Collection: (BONUS Tier at 400 PV) I LOVE when YL offers us a bonus tier!!! When you spend 400PV this month, you will get this collection of 10 ml oils that includes Lavender, Peppermint, and Tea Tree. Three of our most used essential oils!!! What I love about this collection is that it comes in a small box and could be the easily gifted someone!! It’s also a perfect “spa experience” in a box! This box plus some Epsom salts and a foot loofa and you’ve got yourself a little self-care essential oil infused experience for yourself or to gift.
The retail value on these products is $386, and you’re getting it all for FREE when you spend 400PV! SO excited about these incredibly generous promos!!!!!

Here’s what you’ll earn back in ER points if you place a 400PV order:
If you’re earning 10% back: 40 points
If you’re earning 20% back: 80 points
If you’re earning 25% back: 100 points
I’m earning at least 100 points and getting close to 400 worth of products for FREE this month!!!

🙌 Essential Rewards is far and away the BEST way to order the things you need, because you get SO much stuff for free! Young Living is the most generous company! If you are placing an order, and it’s more than 50PV, you need to be placing that order through ER so you start earning points back that you can cash in for free products, and get on the path to earning your free loyalty oils!! New here, or new to ER? If you have questions, please ask your sponsor or comment below. 👇🏼
PRO TIP: Did you know that you can get the monthly promos TWICE every month with 2 qualifying orders, minus the ER Exclusive promos? That’s right! You can get TWO sets of monthly promos (minus the ER Exclusives) when you place two 400PV orders, one through Essential Rewards, and then another through Quick Order. Remember, when you place that QO, you don’t earn points or get the ER exclusive promos, but you do earn monthly promos according to the PV